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Riga Masters Qual (31 May - 2 Jun 2017) Pencil
Q Rd 1 Germany Lukas Kleckers w/o China Li Yuan   Details  Pencil
China Championship Qual (3-6 Jun 2017) Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Ben Woollaston [28] 5-3 Germany Lukas Kleckers   Details  Pencil
Riga Masters (23-25 Jun 2017) Pencil
Rd 1 Germany Lukas Kleckers 4-3 Australia Neil Robertson [3]   Details  Pencil

This was Kleckers' first win as a professional

Rd 2 England Jack Lisowski [47] 4-2 Germany Lukas Kleckers Head to head Details  Pencil
World Cup, B (3-7 Jul 2017) Pencil
Grp Ireland Ireland 3-2 Germany Germany   Details  Pencil
Grp Belgium Belgium 4-1 Germany Germany   Details  Pencil
Grp China China 1 3-2 Germany Germany   Details  Pencil
Grp Hong Kong Hong Kong 4-1 Germany Germany   Details  Pencil
Grp Germany Germany 4-1 Egypt Egypt   Details  Pencil
Indian Open Qual (1-2 Aug 2017) Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Gary Wilson [47] 4-1 Germany Lukas Kleckers [89]   Details  Pencil
European Masters Qual (3-4 Aug 2017) Pencil
Q Rd 1 Wales Ryan Day [11] 4-3 Germany Lukas Kleckers [95]   Details  Pencil
World Open Qual (6-9 Aug 2017) Pencil
Q Rd 1 China Xiao Guodong [36] 5-3 Germany Lukas Kleckers [94]   Details  Pencil
Paul Hunter Classic (22-27 Aug 2017) Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Michael Williams (a) 4-0 Germany Luis Chacon (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Poland Wojciech Pastor (a) 4-3 Germany Daniel Schneider (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Simon Dent (a) 4-3 Germany Kilian Baur-Pantoulier (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Germany Robin Otto (a) 4-0 Germany Hans Bergmann (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Poland Antoni Kowalski (a) 4-0 Germany Michael Buchholz (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Scotland Lee Mein (a) 4-1 Germany Paul Liebstreich (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Germany Stefan Dohr (a) 4-0 Bulgaria Boris Lazarkov (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Finland Heikki Niva (a) 4-0 Germany Pedro Chacon (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Malta Tony Drago (a) 4-0 Germany Peter Brehm (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Andrew Molyneux (a) 4-0 Germany Heiko Mutz (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Andy Symons (a) 4-0 Germany Andreas Volkert (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Germany Fabian Haken (a) 4-1 Germany Fabian Meulner (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Northern Ireland Conor McCormack (a) 4-1 Germany Jürgen Kesseler (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Germany Stefan Joachim (a) 4-3 Germany Michael Drews (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Luke Simmonds (a) 4-0 Germany Dietmar Smolka (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Germany Luca Kaufmann (a) 4-3 England Andrew Milliard (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Germany Umut Dikme (a) 4-0 Germany Felix Frede (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 France Gregory Herbrecht (a) 4-2 Germany Carl Rosenberger (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Brandon Sargeant (a) 4-0 Germany Jens Kirchner (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Germany Patrick Einsle (a) 4-1 Germany Stefan Schenk (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Scotland Gary Thomson (a) 4-0 Germany Hassan Glumcevic-Kaufmann (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Germany Andreas Hartung (a) 4-0 England Ron Kantor (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Jeff Cundy (a) 4-1 Germany Christof Biniarsch (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Germany Norbert Hofheinz (a) 4-3 Germany Thomas Frank (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Wales Andrew Rogers (a) 4-1 Germany Ronny Buchholz (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Ryan Causton (a) 4-0 Germany Sascha Breuer (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Turkey Ismail Türker (a) 4-1 Germany Stefan Gerst (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Jenson Kendrick (a) 4-1 Germany Thomas Goder (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Scotland Aaron Graham (a) 4-0 Germany Rolf Mahr (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 England David Church (a) 4-2 Germany Jörg Petersen (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 Poland Kacper Filipiak (a) 4-0 Germany Frank Mikulsky (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Daniel Ward (a) 4-0 Germany Mike Beneke (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 England Louis Wakelin (a) 4-0 Germany Thomas Blang (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Germany Umut Dikme (a) 4-1 England Manasawin Phetmalaikul (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Poland Adam Stefanow (a) 4-0 Germany Stefan Joachim (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 England Reanne Evans (af) 4-2 Germany Jan Eisenstein (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 England Mike Finn (a) 4-0 Germany Oliver Kremp (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 England Peter Devlin (a) 4-0 Germany Andreas Hartung (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 England Jamie Cope (a) 4-0 Germany Ralf Günzel (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 England Barry Pinches (a) 4-0 Germany Bernd Strnad (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Germany Patrick Einsle (a) 4-2 Belgium Ben Mertens (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Germany Luca Kaufmann (a) 4-0 Afghanistan Abdullah Atmar Ghulam Jilani (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-2 Germany Simon Lichtenberg (a) Head to head   Pencil
Q Rd 2 Poland Marcin Nitschke (a) 4-0 Germany Norbert Hofheinz (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 England Harvey Chandler (a) 4-0 Germany Loris Lehmann (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Germany Fabian Haken (a) 4-0 England Barry Mincher (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 England Andy Symons (a) 4-0 Germany Anton Woywod (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Germany Stefan Dohr (a) w/o China Hu Hao (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Germany Robin Otto (a) 4-1 England Martin Pitcher (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Germany Roman Dietzel (a) 4-3 Romania Andrei Orzan (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Romania Tudor Popescu (a) 4-0 Germany Volker Grigo (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Scotland Lee Mein (a) 4-0 Germany Nicolai Gebhardt (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Germany Horst Bendig (a) 4-1 Romania Corina Maracine (af)     Pencil
Q Rd 2 Malta Brian Cini (a) 4-0 Germany Markus Fischer (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 3 Germany Roman Dietzel (a) 4-0 Germany Fabian Haken (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 3 Scotland Lee Mein (a) 4-0 Germany Stefan Dohr (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 3 England Zack Richardson (a) 4-1 Germany Robin Otto (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 3 England Ashley Carty (a) 4-1 Germany Patrick Einsle (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 3 England George Pragnall (a) 4-0 Germany Luca Kaufmann (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 3 Germany Umut Dikme (a) 4-0 Wales Alex Taubman (a)     Pencil
Q Rd 3 England Steven Hallworth (a) 4-0 Germany Horst Bendig (a)     Pencil
Rd 1 England Peter Lines 4-1 Germany Umut Dikme (a)   Details  Pencil
Rd 1 England Joe O'Connor (a) 4-2 Germany Lukas Kleckers [68]   Details  Pencil
Rd 1 England Jack Lisowski [33] 4-3 Germany Roman Dietzel (a)   Details  Pencil
Paul Hunter Women's Classic, A (24-25 Aug 2017) Pencil
Grp Latvia Inese Lukaševska (af) 3-0 Germany Anita Seidel (af)    Pencil
Grp Hong Kong So Man Yan (af) 3-0 Germany Steffi Henze (af)    Pencil
Grp Hong Kong So Man Yan (af) 3-0 Germany Anita Seidel (af)    Pencil
Grp Latvia Inese Lukaševska (af) 3-0 Germany Steffi Henze (af)    Pencil
Grp Germany Anita Seidel (af) 2-1 Germany Steffi Henze (af)    Pencil
Paul Hunter Women's Classic, C (24-25 Aug 2017) Pencil
Grp Hong Kong Fong Mei Mei (af) 3-0 Germany Tanja Ender (af)    Pencil
Grp England Aimee Benn (af) 2-1 Germany Tanja Ender (af)    Pencil
Grp Germany Tanja Ender (af) 3-0 England Lily Dobson (af)    Pencil
Paul Hunter Women's Classic, D (24-25 Aug 2017) Pencil
Grp Germany Ramona Kirchner (af) 3-0 England Claire Edginton (af)    Pencil
Grp Germany Ramona Kirchner (af) 3-0 India Sangeeta Hemchand (af)    Pencil
Grp England Maria Catalano (af) 2-1 Germany Ramona Kirchner (af) Head to head  Pencil
Paul Hunter Women's Classic, E (24-25 Aug 2017) Pencil
Grp Germany Christina Schneider (af) 2-1 Romania Corina Maracine (af)    Pencil
Grp Germany Diana Schuler (af) 3-0 Romania Corina Maracine (af)    Pencil
Grp Germany Diana Schuler (af) 2-1 Germany Christina Schneider (af)    Pencil
Paul Hunter Women's Classic, F (24-25 Aug 2017) Pencil
Grp Hong Kong Katrina Wan (af) 3-0 Germany Linda Erben (af)    Pencil
Grp Germany Linda Erben (af) 3-0 Brazil Laura Alves (af)    Pencil
Paul Hunter Women's Classic, G (24-25 Aug 2017) Pencil
Grp England Stephanie Daughtery (af) 3-0 Germany Dorothee Rapp (af)    Pencil
Grp Germany Diana Stateczny (af) 2-1 England Stephanie Daughtery (af)    Pencil
Grp Germany Diana Stateczny (af) 3-0 Germany Dorothee Rapp (af)    Pencil
Paul Hunter Women's Classic (24-27 Aug 2017) Pencil
Rd 1 Germany Diana Stateczny (af) 4-0 Germany Diana Schuler (af)    Pencil
Rd 1 England Reanne Evans (af) 4-0 Germany Ramona Kirchner (af)    Pencil
Rd 1 Hong Kong Fong Mei Mei (af) 4-3 Germany Linda Erben (af)    Pencil
Rd 1 Hong Kong Katrina Wan (af) 4-0 Germany Christina Schneider (af)    Pencil
QF Hong Kong Ng On Yee (af) 4-0 Germany Diana Stateczny (af)    Pencil
International Championship Qual (26-29 Sep 2017) Pencil
Q Rd 1 England Jack Lisowski [57] 6-2 Germany Lukas Kleckers [118] Head to head Details  Pencil
UK Women's Championship, E (30 Sep 2017) Pencil
Grp England Emma Parker (af) 2-1 Germany Diana Schuler (af)    Pencil
Grp Germany Diana Schuler (af) 3-0 England Chloe White (af)    Pencil
UK Women's Championship (30 Sep - 1 Oct 2017) Pencil
Rd 1 Ireland Paula Judge (af) 3-0 Germany Diana Schuler (af)    Pencil
Shanghai Masters Qual (11-13 Oct 2017) Pencil
Q Rd 2 England Stuart Bingham [11] 5-1 Germany Lukas Kleckers [110]   Details  Pencil
English Open (16-22 Oct 2017) Pencil
Rd 1 Wales Michael White [28] 4-1 Germany Lukas Kleckers [119]   Details  Pencil
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